What is Mountember

To raise awareness and essential funds for The ARNI Institute in the rehabilitation of stroke survivors – we will be walking up the highest peaks in the UK.

Whether you walk one or all four we will be hiking up one peak every weekend in September, hence the name ‘Mountember’.

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Why are we Doing it?

Unlike most other illnesses, once diagnosed, treatment is administered, recovery and a normal life can resume, with a stroke once the injury has happened, and by a small miracle survived, an entire change of life is needed... learning how to speak, talk, move, walk and remember is a daily and sometimes an impossible challenge without the help of charities, training people to specialise in stroke rehabilitation, helping those that have been left to just survive, we aim to let them live life again.

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How to Get Involved

Getting involved is easy, decide how many walks you would like to do, you can do just one or all four. Then you can register here.

A £25 registration charge is required per person, this one off payment will cover you to walk any amount of the peaks.

You will be asked to raise a minimum of £250 per person, all of which will go direct to the charity. The best thing is to use our fundraising page on JustGiving.

It costs around £500 to train each specialist so everyone that can raise the £200 will be giving someone a chance to get cheaper training in turn, giving a stroke survivor a chance to become more self efficient and to start living their lives again.

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The Walks

Helvellyn, Swirral edge & Striding Edge

Part of the Mountember Event, Tackling Helvellyn, the start is the small car park adjacent to Wythburn Church, follow the path we will be doing a steep climb and after taking in some of the views we will breach the summit. Those that are up for a further mind-bending challenge will start the scramble onto Swirral Edge and heading round a big loop around the Red Tarn, passing Hole-in-the-wall before heading back along Striding Edge and then down Helvellyn and back to the cars.

Striding Edge and Swirral Edge will only be attempted if the weather conditions are OK and safe for us to tackle.

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Pen Y Fan

Part of the Mountember Event, Meeting at Garwnant, transport will be taking your group to your start point, Beginners will be starting and ending at the Pen – Y – Fan car park and the route will take you up the one peak and back down, Intermediate and Hard will be taken to a different start point just up the road to the Storey Park Education Centre, all routes will finish at the same place. A guide will be with you at all times.

  • Beginner

    This is the easiest way up Pen – Y – Fan with no scrambling over rocks and a more paved route, take your time going up and enjoy the views. The walk is steep in places but plenty of places to rest, this is a walk not a race. Once at the peak you will be waiting for the intermediate and Hard routes to reach their half way point for a group photo on the peak.

  • Intermediate

    A slightly harder route, climbing our first peak of Corn Du before slightly descending and climbing Pen – Y – Fan. This route has more of a gravel path and a few more hazards, with a small section of rock scrambling, once you have met up with the Beginners then the easy way down you go.

  • Hard

    Starting off on the same route as the intermediate group, you will be joining up with the beginners for the group photo on top of Pen – Y – Fan, once done you will be descending down another route towards Cribyn Peak, this involves a little bit more of a scramble up and down rocks to reach the 3rd peak, once the awesome views at Cribyn have been taken in you will drop down and circle back up Pen – Y – Fan up very steep slopes and bit more scrambling, once back at the top of Pen – Y – Fan you will go on the final Decent down a much easier route to the car park.

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Pen y fan Cycle Route

Part of the Mountember Event, Meetin up at Llangorse Multi Activity Centre The Gilfach llangorse Brecon Powys LD3 7UH for 09:30am we will have access to the rear car park, the route will take you out to Llechfaen up to Talgarth to just before the village of Hay - On - Wye before heading back towards Crickhowell round to Llandetty to then making their way back to the Activity Centre. For a total of 62.5 miles sticking to roads, steep climbs and breath-taking views.

Mt. Snowdon

Part of the Mountember Event, The Llanberis Path. This path up Snowdon is thought to be the earliest of the six main routes to the summit. Before the road through Llanberis Pass was built, men lugged copper ore from the Britannia Copper Mine on Snowdon up the eastern side of the mountain to Bwlch Glas.

Horses would then draw the ore down on a sledge along this path to the shores of Llyn Cwellyn to be transported by horse and cart to Caernarfon.

The path was named in English after a mountain guide called John Morton who called himself the ‘Snowdon Ranger’. At the beginning of the nineteenth century he built an inn on the site where the Youth Hostel stands today, opposite the car park. The inn was known as the ‘Snowdon Ranger’, ‘Snowdon Inn’ or ‘Glanllyn’ (meaning ‘lakeside’), from where he would guide visitors to the summit of Snowdon along this path.

The path climbs gradually up to, and around the slopes of Moel Cynghorion to Bwlch Cwm Brwynog. It then climbs steeply over the shoulder above Clogwyn Du’r Arddu before merging with the Llanberis path, and then the Pyg and Miners’ tracks at Bwlch Glas, and then on to the summit.

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Snowdon Warrior

Part of the Mountember Event, Become a Snowdon Warrior starting off by heading up the Watkins path to breach the summit, head down the rangers path before diverting off towards Llanberis, once their head straight back up the Llanberis path and begin your decent down the Pyg Path.

Not a challenge for the faint of heart, its tough, brutal and only for true warriors.

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Ben Nevis

Part of the Mountember Event, Meeting at Glen Nevis Visitor Centre, we will be following the steep path up the side of the mountain, we will be encountering some rock scrambling along with uneven footing. As we gain ground on the summit be prepared for the snow and almost instant weather change. It’s easy to become lost towards the top so make sure you have your eyes on at least one of the guides at this point. Temperatures can fall fast so warm clothing is a must, making sure it’s easy to grab.

You will have the option to turn back at the halfway lagoon and a guide will bring you back down safely while the others press onto the summit.

  • Intermediate

    Starting off at the Glen Nevis Visitor Centre, crossing the bridge across the river and heading up the mountain. The journey up is a zig zag up the side of the mountain with a brief river crossing before tackling the hard bit. Rock scrambling will be an ongoing thing up the mountain and very easy to lose your footing. The weather can change very fast, and snow is almost a certainty. We will be coming back down the same way you went up.

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After Party

Join in and all the walkers in this year's Mountember Event, hear speeches from Dr. Tom Balchin and other guests before the drinks flow and a live band starts playing.