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Stroke Rehabilitation revolves around the principle of achieving self-reliance as far as possible. Rehabilitation is a holistic approach which will not only focus on helping someone recover from their physical disabilities but also on making changes to their home, work, lifestyle, and relationships. The part of the brain affected by the stroke determines the sort of difficulties an individual may experience in all aspects of their life which could include:

  • Difficulty with performing everyday tasks.
  • Loss of ability to judge distance, size, position, speed, shape, and the way parts relate to the whole.
  • Not noticing people, objects, or body parts on the affected side and turning the head or eyes to the unaffected side.
  • Difficulty forming numbers and letters, confusing similar numbers, or not being able to add numbers.
  • Having trouble spelling words and reading.
  • Confusing the inside and outside of clothing or the right and left sides of clothing.
  • Having a hard time perceiving whether the individual is sitting or standing.
What can we do for you

What can We do for you

We will work with you to achieve self-reliance as far as possible by devising physical coping strategies, practicing functional movements to perform everyday tasks better and stroke-specific resistance training.

  • Correct your balance and posture
  • Improve your co-ordination and timing
  • Increase your flexibility and stamina
  • Increase your muscular, tendon and ligament strength
  • Increase your confidence and remove your fear of the consequences of exercising
  • Increase your ability to perform everyday tasks and progressively more self-sufficient
  • Become productive in an occupation or past-time
  • Increase your self-esteem and be happy with life

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Tailor made Programmes

JK House Training Centre programme offers a tailored training regime for each individual, which revolves around functional movement with task-related exercises. We will teach you the importance of encouraging brain plasticity with the practice that you do.

Trained and monitored by A.R.N.I, the ARNI Approach is the first comprehensive collection of reality-based techniques grounded in contemporary neurological research perspectives that is available for you to access after the assistance of the therapist.

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