Introducing your fitness experts

Kieron Franklin

Personal Trainer

I am passionate about helping stroke survivors lead a more independent life through stroke rehabilitation. I instruct many clients in stroke rehabilitation techniques to challenge and beat their limitations and expectations.

During my time in the British Army I became fascinated about how our bodies quickly adapted to training, becoming stronger and fitter each day. Before then I would never have thought of being able to run for as long or as fast as I found I could.

On leaving the Army I wanted to find out more. Through trial and error; sometimes big errors; I researched the science behind training which gave me an advantage. Understanding not only how the body works but why it works and responds in the way it does. I achieved the results I wanted over a journey of many years. I increased muscle mass, shredded body fat and became more resilient at cardio-vascular training.

I narrowed my focus into further in-depth training to use physical rehabilitation techniques to improve the lives of Stroke Survivors. I am proud to have helped so many people live a more independent life and to have been part of the reason why my clients are fitter and happier.

Now I can pass this knowledge and experience on to you and help you to change your body into what you want it to be, overcoming your limitations, having fun, driving you forward and with you every step of the way.


Julie Henderson


Hi, I'm Julie Henderson, known to friends as Jules.

Having worked within the Financial Services Sector for 23 years in roles such as Administration and Personal Assistant, I had provided high level of general admin services and secretarial assistance to individuals, Operations Managers and Directors. With a proven record of accomplishment, building positive relationships with stakeholders, clients and colleagues.

I had received rewards and recognitions for my involvement in projects such as change in business structure mergers, and charity work. Helping local charities such as the Young Enterprise Program, Refuge for woman and children, Adult Day Care Centre, Victoria Education school, local food bank, and many more. One overwhelming and nervous experience I have encountered was meeting HRH Princess Royal :).

My personal values are Respect, Loyalty, Honesty and Integrity.

Leisure time I like to spend with my good friends enjoying the outdoors in walks, hiking and festivals, and general social gatherings enjoying a tipple or two of vinos. I also like to be creative in craft projects such as upcycling of unwanted products and materials, sewing and home interior design. Often being told I should go into business ;).

Reference that saying "Don’t ask - don't get".... well it worked for me.... Sunday 17th April 2022 I joined a good friend on a walk over Canford Heath. This incredible lady who currently is in training to participate in Mountember 2022 climbing Pen y Fan in Wales. Totally surprised by her growth in stamina and her attitude to completing the walk and having the opportunity to meet other walkers who have experienced life changing issues and the organisation providing rehabilitation, training etc. has inspired me I to get involved...


Julie House

Personal Trainer

Julie is fully trained in Zumba and Dance, and has been teaching her own classes in Bournemouth for the past few years. Julie also takes the Aqua classes in our indoor pool, which are always a good end to a hard days workout!


Andrew Bell

Personal Trainer

Andrew is an ex long-distance cyclist and runner, who survived a heart-attack and overcame the odds. He not only recovered but attained a level of health and fitness significantly greater than he had before.

He runs our tailored online training programmes and runs some of our Bootcamp sessions, his speciality is strength and conditioning.


Ruth Harkness DipNT, rCNHC, mBANT


Ruth is our leading Nutritionist.


Edi Po

Personal Trainer

I am passionate about sports and helping others to reach their goals. As a Personal Trainer I provide a positive and energetic atmosphere, each client is unique and together we work through their barriers and form new good habits to get the results they want.

In particular I highlight that a healthy lifestyle is a fine balance between a well-rounded diet and exercise.


Janice Rowley

Personal Trainer

Throughout my childhood into my teenage years I was a sport fanatic, nearly every day I was keeping fit and keeping to my ideal weight. Unfortunately, due to work and other circumstances my fitness regime slipped and eventually became non-existent. And over the next 30 years I found myself feeling increasingly lazy and overweight (15½ stone) and for a time I didn’t worry about it or care.

In 2017 after recovering from DVT (blood clots) I realised I needed to do something otherwise I was heading for disaster.

I began as a client of JK House Training Centre, I was challenged to take back control of my life …And I did. With determination and discipline I am now 4 stone lighter (25 kilos), much fitter and taking on new challenges, including climbing mountain peaks.

I feel so much more confident and looking forward to pushing my limits to complete more challenges. My lifestyle change had inspired me so much that I am now a Fitness Coach myself.

I want my story to inspire others to make the decision to take control for themselves and take that step to become fitter and healthier. It is never too late, if I can do it, then you certainly can!


Brooke Marshall

Personal Trainer

Brooke is a fully qualified personal trainer with over 5 years of industry experience.  Her focus is on performance first with a well functioning body capable of doing what you need it to do with physique second.  With a background in dance and sport she also has a love of cardio as well as the weight and strength training she is known for.  She provides individual and group sessions and programmes and runs our outdoor activities at Bootcamp.


Patricia Jordan

Pilates Instructor

Patty is a Certified Mat and STOTT Reformer Pilates Instructor who has been practicing Pilates and Body Balance for over 8 years. Her workouts are a combination of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates inspired moves designed to help participants improve body strength, mobility and core endurance.

Her body flows create an uplifting mind-body connection that will challenge balance, core strength and flexibility.

Expect to move better and feel better!

Along with her passion for Pilates and Body Balance, Patty is also a volleyball and squash player who enjoys walking the beautiful beaches of Bournemouth.


Nicky Hopper

Sports Massage Therapist

Nicky qualified in level 2 & 3 beauty therapy in June 2000 at Bournemouth and Poole College, initially specialising in mobile beauty services and by 2006 owning her own salon. She then re-located to London where she specialised in waxing, facials, massage and make up.

After returning to the South coast in 2015 Nicky returned to Bournemouth and Poole college to study sports massage therapy to further develop her skills in sports and pregnancy massage.


Michelle Walsh

Personal Trainer

I chose to become a personal trainer and rehabilitation trainer becauise I am deeply motivated by the opportunity to make a tangible and positive impact on the lives of others. Witnessing the transfomative power of exercise and rehabilitation firsthand, I am driven by the belief that everyone deserves the chance to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life. By guiding individuals through their fitness and rehabilitation journeys, I aim to empower them with the tools, knowledge, and suppoirt needed to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. This profession allows me to combine my passion for fitness with a profound sense of purpose, knowing that each client's progress represents a meaningful step formward in their overall well-being and quality of life.

I assist my clients in reaching their health, fitness, and weight loss objectives by priotitizing active listening and empathetic understanding. By comprehensively grasping each client's unique needs, limitations, and aspirations articulated in their own terms, I empower them to take ownership of their journey. My approach revolves around recognizing that every individual holds the key to their own success. This, my role is to foster self-awareness, encourage self-belief, and provide tailored guidancde, facilitating their progress step-by-step. Through this collaborative process, clients not only achieve their goals but also cultivate a deeper sense of confidence and autonomy in their wellness journey.