Training with a Difference

We can offer training in the gym, at home or outside, we have all the bases covered! From beaches to mountains, front rooms to gyms, where ever you want to train we will be there.

All our programmes can be tailored to 1:1 or online training programmes.

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Gym, Home, & Outdoor Training

With all the equipment modern gyms offer, they're a great place to train; working between cardio machines and traditional weights will get you fit, fast.

Our trainers will guide you through the correct techniques for all of the equipment and be with you every step on the treadmill, pedal turned or weight lifted.

Worried that the gym isn't right for you? Don't be, times have moved on and so have gyms and gym goers, they're inclusive and friendly places.

Not ready to make that leap? Then how about Home or Online Training.

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Your House Your Rules

If you prefer your session to be in the comfort of your own home then we'll bring the gym to you!

We can provide all the equipment you'll need for your session and advise on what you should and shouldn't invest in for your training.

At Home sessions don't have to be indoors either, we can get outside, even if it's just to the garden. Or how about heading out to the beach or down to the woods?!

There are plenty of great ways to exercise outside of the gym, so get in touch today and get started!

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Personalised Dietary Advice

Nutrition is not as straight forward as you may think, full of contradictions, do's and don'ts, one thing that works for one person may not work for someone else. Having said that the biology basics will always remain the same. Here are some useful tips to get you started, if you still fancy a little more help then get in touch!

  1. Hydration! Water intake is often overlooked when it comes to a good nutrition plan, make sure you are drinking plenty of fresh water throughout your day.
  2. Chew your food, its tasty and it's taken you time to prepare so now take your time to properly chew and enjoy it, the longer you take to eat your meals the more full you will feel.
  3. Make sure you are eating the right foods for your training. A nutrition plan isn’t only for weight loss, if your goal is to ‘bulk’ muscle mass a supporting nutrition plan is equally important.
  4. Know what calories you are eating? are you eating too many calories or not enough? are they loaded with fats or carbs? are you getting enough protein? there is so much to consider!

If you want your own nutrition plan, get in touch and speak to one of our trainers who can guide you.

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Train at your Own Pace

More comfortable working at your own pace and around your busy lifestyle, but still want to know you're on the right path; then our online training programmes are right for you.

Each client gets their own personalised plan, detailing which exercises to do and how. We can even add in tailored nutrition guidance to make sure you're eating the right things at the right time to meet your goals.

On top of that you'll get regular contact with your PT over the phone or by email. You can even add in one-to-one sessions at home or in the gym to supplement what you're doing by yourself.

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