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JK House Training Centre has helped many people achieve their fitness goals, from rehabilitation after stroke, weight loss, and building up to an event. Join one of our trainers and start being the best that you can be. Cras consequat vel odio at finibus. Duis sed interdum augue. Mauris tincidunt nunc.

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Gym, Home, & Outdoor Training

With all the equipment modern gyms offer, they're a great place to train; working between cardio machines and traditional weights will get you fit, fast.

Our trainers will guide you through the correct techniques for all of the equipment and be with you every step on the treadmill, pedal turned or weight lifted.

Worried that the gym isn't right for you? Don't be, times have moved on and so have gyms and gym goers, they're inclusive and friendly places.

Not ready to make that leap? Then how about Home or Online Training.

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Your House Your Rules

If you prefer your session to be in the comfort of your own home then we'll bring the gym to you!

We can provide all the equipment you'll need for your session and advise on what you should and shouldn't invest in for your training.

At Home sessions don't have to be indoors either, we can get outside, even if it's just to the garden. Or how about heading out to the beach or down to the woods?!

There are plenty of great ways to exercise outside of the gym, so get in touch today and get started!

Enquire Today 01392 956 365