When I first met with Kieron, I presented him with a huge challenge. I was way overweight, so 30 odd yrs. of non-exercise for him to break down and I just couldn’t do a thing but sit in my chair and have snacks….. Hard task? Absolutely! Could he do it??? Maybe! Well, he took on the challenge and today my word, what a turnaround in fortune. Kieron never allowed me to give up and neither did he. With determination I have lost nearly 2 stone (another 2 to go), and am so much fitter today – can do exercises I never thought I could do again. I feel so much more confident and can do so much more and have far more determination to pick up the program even more, he does what is right for me at each session and that just makes me feel that I am in good hands when it comes to my well-being. Kieron comes when it is convenient for me in the evenings and that has helped me to keep focus. What a difference just 1 year can make! I highly recommend Kieron as a personal trainer. You cannot be in better hands!